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Are Bath Bombs Harming Your Plumbing?


Bath bombs have really blown up (pun intended) in recent years. From unicorn bubble bath bombs for kids to senior citizens making their own bombs to create a relaxing aromatherapy experience, it's hard to find a household thathasn'tused a bath bomb. Did you know though that some of those bombing beauties can cause real damage to your plumbing? Here's what you need to know.

The Problem with Salt in Bath Bombs 

Most bath bombs contain some mix of salts, oils, and scents, all designed to create a fragrant and often colorful bathing experience. Though Epsom salts usually dissolve in water, partially dissolved salt chunks can clog your drain when they catch on hair and other debris.

Oily Bath Bombs Can Clog Drains 

The fragrant and soothing oils many bombs contain can, over time, build up in your pipes. And if they cool too fast, they can harden when traveling down the drain, creating an even bigger problem by plugging up the plumbing.

Confetti, Flowers, and Glitter Can Cause Serious Plumbing Issues 

Bath bombs not only come in fun shapes and beautiful colors but can also sometimes contain glitter, confetti, and flower petals. They do look pretty, but these ingredients don't completely dissolve, if at all. Bits of flowers, glitter, and confetti can also cause clogging, especially if they get stuck to those salt and oil chunks.

Bath Bombs + Bath Jets = Disaster 

Bath bombs and hot tubs or jetted bathtubs do not mix! That's because the additives in the bombs can quickly clog up the hoses and jets while oils and other ingredients can damage sensitive components. If you decide to go ahead and use bath bombs in your hot tub anyway, be sure to check the manufacturer's manual or website to make sure you don't void your warranty by doing so.

Finally, many bath bombs might not be septic-friendly and frequent use can create even more issues when synthetic materials accumulate in the tank and clog the effluent filters. The result? Slow drains and/or sewage backups in toilets and other plumbing fixtures.

How to Safely Use Bath Bombs  

There are several ways to enjoy bath bombs and protect your plumbing at the same time:

  • Put the bomb inside a nylon netting cover before dropping it in the bath.
  • Clean your drains every couple weeks with a mixture of water and white vinegar. Stay away from harsh store-bought drain cleaners.
  • Use a strainer to keep bath bomb debris and hair from going down the drain.

Another good trick is to briefly turn on the hot water after each use and after cleaning with the water and vinegar solution. This will help dissolve any leftover ingredients before they become a problem.

What to Do if You've Had a Bath Bomb Plumbing Disaster 

Bath bombs don't always cause clogs but if you use them often be sure to watch and see if your tub is draining much slower than usual. You might already have a serious clog that is best dealt with by a professional. If you fear frequent bath bomb indulgence has taken a toll on your plumbing, give David Gray Plumbing a call today at (904) 605-8190 or contact us online. We'll get your drains flowing smoothly in no time at all.