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Avoid These Three Scary Bathroom Remodel Mistakes


Some bathroom remodeling projects go from a dream in the making to an absolute nightmare. At David Gray Design Studio, we guide our clients every step of the way to ensure they avoid remodeling mistakes, from aesthetics to functional faux pas.

  1. Ignoring Building Codes. A good bathroom is a well-functioning one, and a major mistake homeowners often make when doing renovation projects by themselves is to forget to follow building codes. When installing sinks, showers and toilets, certain clearances and safety codes have to be followed. If you don't, not only will the equity of your home drop, but you also may also be fined or required to fix the violations. It's best to consult with a design expert to figure out how to follow these codes while still incorporating the design elements you want.
  2. Using Improper Bathroom Materials. The bathroom is a hot, humid environment, so it's important to use materials, paints and surfaces that are designed for these environments. Rather than wallpaper, carpet and laminate flooring, explore water-friendly paint, stone and granite as design options. 
  3. Creating Slippery Floors. Certain types of glossy tile and flooring can be particularly slick, which can lead to frightening bathroom accidents. While you can use standard cloth mats to avoid falls, you can eliminate the problem entirely by installing mosaic tiling or a natural pebble inlay.