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Can my home be outfitted with dimmer switches?


Nearly any home can be outfitted with dimmer switches in every room if the homeowner desires. Dimmer switches are popular with all types of homeowners because they allow you to customize the amount of light in each room at any given time and save energy while doing so. While some homeowners choose to have one switch per room, others prefer to have switches at every entrance point to the room. Both can be done easily, but only by a qualified electrician who understands the proper way to wire either setup. If installation isn't done properly, the lights in the room may flicker and flash. Installation of a dimmer switch requires the right kind of wiring and light bulbs be used together, or the dimmer switches may not work properly. If you use compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in your home, the dimmer switch has to be properly rated to work with these types of bulbs. Newer systems from providers like Lutron are made to handle CFLs. Once an electrician has determined the types of bulbs being used in the home and the kinds of dimmer switches you want installed, this is an easy process that will not take much time to complete.