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Different Ways to Control Your Lights


If you're just setting out to turn your home into a "smart" one, the easiest place to start is with lighting. After switching out the light bulbs, here's a list of the different ways you can now intelligently control your lights.

Traditional Light Switch

The humble, old-fashioned light switch has served people well for over 150 years. And while they might now be called "dumb" light switches, they can help you make your home a smart one.

If you aren't quite ready to swap out all your existing switches, you can still put them to good use with smart bulbs and plugs, where you control the lighting in a way that works best for you at any given moment.

Remote Control for Lights

Remote controlled lighting is a great way to get whole house lighting control without a complete rewiring. For lights that work on wall switches, you simply replace the switch with new automated hardware.

Free-standing fixtures use a special adapter that fits into the wall socket. Depending on what system you install, you can then use a wireless remote control to switch fixtures on and off or dim them from any location.

You can also program the lights to go on and off at specific times or even activate a "theft deterrent" mode that randomly turns lights on and off when you're away.

Keypad Lighting Control

Programmable keypads provide wireless, full control and install easily with no need to run new wires. Keypads typically replace large banks of switches with a more aesthetically pleasing switch with several buttons.

The goal is convenience. Most keypads feature, at a minimum, morning, day, and late night options, which allow you to press one button to change the lighting.

For example, you can program your landscape lights to turn on at sunset and off early in the morning. Or you can touch a button and immediately dim lights throughout the house. Keypads can also be programed to work in tandem with your home's security system or fire alarm.

Mobile Phone or Tablet Apps for Smart Lighting

There's an app for everything, and lighting is no exception. You get quick and easy lighting configuration and control in the palm of your hand by turning your device into a remote control.

Use your smart phone or tablet to turn lights on and off from wherever you are including work, the store, the driveway, or even on vacation.

You can quickly customize, schedule, and automate lights to enhance the comfort and safety of your home, program the perfect dimming level for movie night, or automate your outdoor lights to turn on or off at set times. Most apps also let you control motorized window coverings.

Voice Activation for Smart Lighting

Set lighting schedules by using your voice through Amazon's Echo, Google Home, and other smart home platforms.

With voice activation, you enjoy the hands-free convenience of managing all your home's lights with one simple spoken command. You can turn lights on and off, dim them, and even change their color to set the party mood.

Voice activation works in two ways, either by installing specific bulbs, or by incorporating voice control into a whole home system.

Choosing between the two depends largely on your needs. Setup for each application works differently, but they're all fairly simple, making them a great tool for automating the lighting and window shades in your home.

Which Lighting Control is Right for You?

Mixing and matching different ways to control your lights might be the most appropriate smart option for you. Whichever options you choose, a smart lighting system can be one of the best decisions you make to add safety, beauty, and value to your Jacksonville, FL home.

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