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Do You Have the Right Electrician for the Job?


Depending on your electrical needs, you want to make sure the electrician you hire is the most capable one available for the job. Here are a few things to consider when finding the right electrician for your home project: 

Does This Electrician Have the Right Credentials and Training?

It's best to take your time and locate the most experienced electrician possible, and preferably one that has spent years as a credentialed professional. Find out where the electrician learned or apprenticed, and what kind of official training and certifications they have achieved. 

A properly educated electrician will know the context of each job that's been requested and will be able to call upon years of experience and accumulated knowledge to make the right decisions and plan accordingly for your particular home project. 

If you have the choice between an electrician with just a journeyman's license or one with a full electrician's license, choose the one with the most comprehensive background and training to get the best results on your electrical project.

Can You Verify Their Licensing and Insurance?

If a company presents itself as offering electrical services, it's essential that it be properly licensed and insured. You will need to check the electrician's license and to give yourself greater peace of mind, verify that he or she is carrying proper insurance before coming out to your property to do work. 

Otherwise, you might get stuck with a substandard electrician who does shoddy work. It's even possible that this electrician could be of the "fly by night" type who will have pulled up stakes and left town before you realize that the job was botched. When you hire a certified electrician, you'll know that the individual has undergone at least 3 years of experience, which entitles him or her to include a 1-year warranty on the work you've done.

Has This Electrician Worked on Similar Projects?

The last thing you'd want is to provide on-the-job training for an inexperienced electrician who may not be aware of all the particulars of the project you have in mind. 

For example, are you looking to install a series of outdoor lighting, outdoor speakers and wiring to provide power to other items for your backyard celebrations? You'd want to find a qualified electrician that has done this kind of work before, with happy customers to report on the results. It's best to persevere and call around until you locate an electrician who actually has completed multiple projects along the lines of what you need.

Are There References or Positive Reviews?

Excellent electricians know the value of providing relevant references from satisfied customers. Make a point of requesting several references from homeowners who have had similar work done, and then remember to actually call them! It's a good idea to see if the electrician has any positive reviews for you to read. This will help you get a better sense of whether this business is the appropriate one to contract for work at your home.

Are You in Need of a Talented Electrician Today?

Once you have determined the scope of your electrical project, it's time to find a reputable contractor that you can depend on. This is why so many homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida have come to rely on the team at David Gray Electrical Services for their electrical system projects, repairs and upgrades. To learn more about your electrical outlet options or to arrange for consultation and service, give us a call today: (904) 605-8190.

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