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Does my landscape lighting need to be outfitted with weather-proof outlets?


There are certain pieces of equipment meant for all weather use that make an outdoor electrical system safe for the whole family to enjoy. Proper landscape lighting uses these components to illuminate the outside of the home, yard and pool. Weather proof outlets should be used, as they ensure that an important part of your outdoor electrical system is safe no matter the weather. Many of the weather proof outlets sold in stores include a spring loaded cover that protects the actual outlet portion from the elements. These covers also protect against other types of debris that can cause problems with the system if they get into the outlet, including insects and dirt. In addition to the weather proof outlets, a landscape lighting system should use low voltage electrical cables to be as safe as possible. These cables usually carry less voltage than the indoor variety and therefore present less risk no matter what the weather brings. Lastly, a landscape lighting system should have a GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupter, to prevent any issues. This interrupter will act as a circuit breaker and shut off electricity to the landscape lighting system if it detects that the electrical current is not following the intended path. Using a GFCI lowers the chance of electric shock or fire and keeps the overall circuit safe.