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Easy Lighting Swaps to Modernize Your Home


Switching up the lighting elements in your home is an easy way to enhance your space. View our favorite lighting projects and find out how a handful of electrical swaps can be the key to making your home feel more modern.

Choose Big, Bright Fixtures

Backlit disc sconces are a simple way to brighten a large room. Replacing dated wall-mounted light fixtures with disc sconces immediately upgrades the look of an older space. Sconces come in many shapes and sizes - both circular and rectangular - to fit the feel of any environment. This type of light fixture can work in virtually any indoor space, from kitchen walls to offices.

Accent with Modern Chandeliers

Ditching your simple ceiling fixture for a bold chandelier will turn heads and update your space. The chandelier style has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years, both in terms of design and electrical build. Consider adding an eye-catching chandelier piece above a kitchen island or in a hallway to add a uniquely modern flair.

Take the Style Outdoors

Outdoor lighting can make smaller homes seem bigger and brighter. Consider installing new wiring above outdoor window trims and entryways and using modern geometric fixtures to give your home a fresh feel. Diffused, cool-toned lights along outdoor paths are an excellent investment to modernize your home from the outside in.

Properly Install Whatever You Choose

Modern lighting fixtures can be uniquely shaped or wired, and many are large in size. While you may be able to install basic lighting fixtures or lay the groundwork for new lighted areas around your home, many modern designs require an expert to safely install them. Electricians can set up complicated fixtures and make sure new wiring elements will work safely with your home's electrical system, both indoors and out.

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