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Electrical Basics to Know as a Homeowner


You don't have to be an electrician to understand some of the rudiments of electrical work to protect yourself when you become a homeowner. Here are a few basics about electrical systems that electricians wish every homeowner in Jacksonville, Florida knew:

Arrange for a Home Inspection Before You Purchase a Home

It makes sense to thoroughly check out the electrical system of any home you are contemplating purchasing. The building could be fairly old, meaning that the electric wires, fuses and outlets may be due for an upgrade. If your older home is not up to code, you will need a pro to bring it into line with the latest in safety requirements. Otherwise, there could be issues of potential fire danger or injury to people or pets from bad wiring.

Do Not Overload the Electrical Outlets

Have you ever been tempted to plug in some extra appliances or extra electronic gadgets for the sake of convenience? For example, you plug in not one but two power strips into an outlet so you can plug in as many things as possible, And then you plug in major power users, such as a TV, computer, stereo amplifier or are trying to charge a multitude of gadgets such as phones, tablets and laptops - all eventually plugged into the same wall outlet. 

Avoid the anguish of taxing your electrical system and having to make trips to the fuse box when you breaker trips.

Consider Installing Extra Outlets

A family that routinely tries to use extension cords and cram in as many appliances as possible is simply in need of an upgrade. In many cases, the best approach to meet the growing electrical needs for your family is to hire a professional to come and install some new outlets. 

They will be properly grounded and up to code and you can even get outlets that include the ability to charge up your USB devices, instead of having to hunt down an adaptor when your phone starts losing power.

Replace Damaged Cords

Are there any frayed or otherwise damaged cords running from your appliances to electrical outlets in your home? This presents a major fire hazard as well as the potential to cause a shock or even death caused by electrocution. 

Arrange for a contractor to replace all damaged cords as soon as you notice them, or just replace the appliance outright to take advantage of any other improvements by the manufacturer since the last time you purchased this type of item. While your electrician is supposed to fix and install upgrades to your electrical system, they are typically not the person to make repairs to your appliances.

Know When It's Time to Call the Pros

Homeowners obtain a special sense of satisfaction from do-it-yourself projects. But DIY is not for everyone, especially when dealing with complex systems like a home's electrical supply. If you need something upgraded and have limited knowledge about electrical systems and safety, it's prudent to call for professional help. You'll save time and money since an expert can quickly get to the heart of the problem and come up with a solution that is perfect for your home.

Have you recently purchased a home in Jacksonville and are uncertain about the state of your electrical system? There's no time like the present to have a professional evaluation. Doing so will protect your family and possessions from electrical mishaps as well as give you an opportunity to make any needed upgrades.

For details about our approach to solving electrical problems or to book an appointment for service, please contact David Gray Electrical Services or call (904) 605-8190.

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