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Enhance Your Small Bathroom with these Four Design Tips


A small bathroom can seem like a big problem - especially for older houses, where bathrooms average 5 to 8 feet. But just because space may be tight doesn't mean you can't have the bathroom of your dreams. Consider these design tips to maximize your bathroom space while giving it a stylish look.

1. Know where to save. Every foot matters in a small bathroom, so you should first determine your top priority, whether it's more counter space, a larger bath or a walk-in shower. Once you decide which areas are most important, then you can choose where to save on space and where to splurge. If you would like a big tub, for example, then you may want to build shelves into the wall behind the bath to reduce the need for counter space.

2. Bring in light. Natural light brightens a bathroom and makes it feel larger. You can let light filter throughout the space by installing translucent windows and skylights. You can also take advantage of the light you currently have with mirrors. A large mirror across the wall increases the light's impact while giving the illusion of a bigger space.

3. Use glass doors. Although many people choose to use opaque shower curtains or doors for privacy, they chop your bathroom space in half, separating it into and shower and sink areas. A clear glass door opens up the bathroom, making it feel like one big room. You may even consider a shorter glass panel instead of a door to give you more room inside the shower while still keeping water inside.

4. Get creative with storage.  In a smaller bathroom, it's important to take advantage of all counter space and store any personal products. Creating a wall cabinet with different compartments gives your bathroom a clean, organized look. Custom shelving, like a storage ladder, tower or floating shelves, is one of the best options for a small or irregularly shaped bathroom. Also use storage as a style opportunity. Decorate with colorful towels, candles and bathroom supplies.