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How to Incorporate Color into Your Kitchen


Pantone recently announced its color of 2017: Greenery. Although you may not incorporate Pantone's top hue into your home this year, adding color to the kitchen will be one of the biggest design trends in 2017. Now is the perfect time to find unique ways to bring color into your home.

For pops of color:

  1. Get a colorful kitchen sink.   If you want a small splash of color, think about upgrading your kitchen sink. Colorful sinks are trendy and can liven a kitchen up. Blues, yellows and greens are especially popular.
  2. Add open shelving.  Open shelves not only have a modern feel but can also become a showcase for fun, colorful plates, glasses or souvenirs. If you stick with glass-fronted cabinets, consider painting the back of the cabinet in a different color for a more subtle look.
  3. Switch the light fixtures.  Add vibrant pendant lights or chandeliers to bring more color to the kitchen. Instead of stainless steel or another metal, opt for more eye-catching fixtures that still maintain the feel of the kitchen.

For more color:

  1. Change your cabinets.  Over the past several years, more homeowners are leaving neutral cabinets behind and exploring blues, mints and yellows. One popular way to add color is two-toned cabinets, which allow you to maintain the more traditional neutral on one cabinet while having a more colorful option on the other.
  2. Add a unique island. Whether you paint the siding or add a new countertop, a colorful island serves as a statement piece that draws the eye and makes your kitchen appear brighter.   
  3. Use a fun backsplash. Backsplashes are easy to install in a kitchen, which can allow more freedom than cabinets or countertops. You can include little touches of color in an overall pattern or go bold with a patterned tile.