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Is a Backup Generator a Good Investment for Your Business?


Like it or not, most businesses today can't function without power.  What you as a business owner/manager have to decide, right now, is what you are prepared to do the next time your business loses power. 

By far, one of the most practical solutions is by investing in a backup generator.  Not just any backup generator but a generator that meets the following criteria:

  • Made by a reputable company with a long track record of making reliable, durable machines
  • One that will be maintained by knowledgeable, caring and trained personnel (preferably delegated to an HVAC or plumbing outfit with a good reputation)
  • One hooked up to natural gas lines or, if such aren't available, a propane or some such readily available source; a generator that runs on gasoline or diesel is a last resort for a number of safety and fuel scarcity issues/concerns
  • One running off an automatic kicking-in system-i.e., coming on instantaneously, no matter what the reason or for how long the outage lasts

Compellingly Reasons for Investing in a Backup Generator

Just one extended (last more than a week) power outage can more than pay for the cost of a backup generator-if you take into account lost revenue, lost productivity, and loss of potential future sales.

By getting your backup generator now (when no major disaster has hit your area-something which, unfortunately, is only a matter of time), you can not only save money (simply because you will get a better deal) but you can also have the leisure of arranging for the most efficient installation, as well as the best, most dependable way to fuel your generator.

A backup generator is a type of business insurance-no different than flood, theft-and-loss, or Workman's Comp. Like other types of insurance, you hope that you will never use it but it sure will feel good knowing it's there for you. If properly setup and the right type of unit, there is nothing to do in the event of a power outage. There aren't that many investments that you can say will "kick in on their own," in the event of an emergency.

Backup generators can save you lots of money in the long run in a number of seemingly subtle but important ways. For example, if you have a sump pump in your basement or lower floor (for high water/formerly swampy locations), a backup generator ensure that that pump keeps working, thus preventing serious mold/mildew damage. 

The cost of a backup generator (including installation and maintenance), like the cost of, say, a camera surveillance system, generally pays for itself over time. A backup generator is a one of the most efficient investments in "safety" you can make--no less important than a sprinkler system, adding bars to the bathrooms for the disabled, or having eye-washing stations and fire extinguishers. The right type, size and installation of backup generators can keep going all the equipment you generally need for your operation, including freezers, computers, sprinklers, alarm systems, well water pumps, point-of-sales equipment, etc.  By coordinating the installation of your generator with your local utility company and building inspection/regulations department(s), you can avoid many bureaucratic hassles. The cost of backup generators has gone down over the years; this has been aided by these units now being made in lower-over-costs places like China.  The field of competition is also larger.

Installation and proper maintenance of a backup generator is a must for any responsible SOP emergency response/management program.

Installing a backup generator might positively affect your business interruption insurance rates/plans-check with your insurance company to see if they provide any benefits/advantages for proactive business owners like you-after all, claims you don't file is money they saved from paying out.

Making a generator part of your business continuity plan will enhance your image as a good proactive (rather than reactive) manager.

These days, flow of information/data is as important as the flow of hardcore products and materials.  As such, the last thing you want to undergo is a stoppage of access to that ever-moving river of information/data that can either enhance or damage your bottom line. Keeping your business going during a power outage will make your customers/clients happy-especially if your competitors went under for a while during the same period.

Is a backup generator a good investment for your business?  Some business owners struggle with questions like this because they often ask the wrong questions, possibly making a backup generator seem like a "luxury." But, rather than asking "how much does it cost?" what they really should be asking is "What does my business stand to lose every time there is a major power outage?" From this perspective, a backup generator is no longer a "luxury" but a necessity.

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