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Is it Time for Your House to Be Re-Wired?


These days, homeowners put many more demands on their home's electrical system than people did in the past. Computer and gaming systems, large appliances, and smart home components all contribute to greater electricity use. If you own an older home or you've noticed erratic behaviors with lights and electrical devices, upgrading outdated wiring will not only make your home run more efficiently, it can also make it safer for you and your family. Here's what to look for.

When Was the Wiring Installed?

Unless you live in a home that was recently built, it can be difficult to know just how old the wiring is in a house. If you're purchasing a home you might find you need to do some upgrades to the existing electrical system. A good rule of thumb is if a home was built before 1970 and no major work was done, the electrical system is probably not sufficient to handle your current needs. Some experts recommend that homes that haven't been rewired in the last 25 to 30 years, or after 1990, have a least part of the electrical upgraded in order to bring it up to current standards.

Are Your Breakers Tripping?

Circuit breakers are designed to prevent dangerous surges that cause electrical fires. Frequent blown fuses or tripped breakers often lead to ones that cease functioning all together. That puts you and your home at risk for serious harm and damage.

Do the Lights Frequently Dim?

Flickering lights can signal a problem, usually loose wiring connections. Not only is the constant flickering annoying, it should be considered one of the top signs of a serious electrical wiring issue.

Do You Use a Lot of Extension Cords?

Inadequate plugs and switches for your electrical needs are also a good sign that it's time for rewiring. Many older homes only have one or two outlets per room and many of them are for two-prong plugs not modern three-prong ones. Does your home have rounded light switches instead of square ones? Are they discolored? That, too, indicates you're dealing with old wiring.

Are You Upgrading to New Appliances?

Modern appliances could be more energy efficient, but they use a lot more electricity than older models. In the past, homes needed about 60 amps of power to service a basic refrigerator, stove, and coffee maker. Now the majority of American homes need 200 amps. When upgrading, each major kitchen appliance should have its own dedicated circuit to prevent an overload.

Why Rewire?

There are several good reasons for getting your home rewired:

  • Reduces risk of fire.
  • Reveals underlying problem areas.
  • Makes using modern appliance and electronics much easier.

Fortunately, rewiring your home is as simple as calling a qualified electrician who can make sure you have all the amps you need to keep everything running smoothly. If you're ready to upgrade the wiring in your Jacksonville area home, or if you'd like to schedule an inspection to determine if you need to rewire, call David Gray Electrical Services today at (904) 605-8190. You can also contact us online.