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Lightning Strikes and Surge Protection: How to Protect Your Home


Florida is the lightning capital of the U.S. with strikes especially prevalent during the summer months. Installing surge protection is essential for minimizing any damage sustained by a lightning strike. David Gray Electrical Services can protect your electrical system by strategically installing surge protectors in several areas of your home.

The David Gray service team usually installs surge protectors directly into a home's main panel box as a first line of defense. Protecting the main panel box - the hub of your home's electrical system - prevents lightning-related electricity from entering your home. A panel surge protector pushes surge energy out of the home's electrical system and into your grounding system. It also reduces the risk of electronic devices wearing down over time due to the small, inconspicuous energy surges that happen regularly.

Protectors installed in your cable and phone boxes can also add an extra layer of protection. These are installed directly into the boxes to work the same way a main panel protector works. These surge protectors prevent energy generated by a lightning strike from travelling along your cable and telephone lines and entering your television, DVD players, phones (including cordless phone bases) and anything else connected to those lines.

David Gray electricians also recommend customers purchase point-of-use protectors to protect specific electronic devices that may be affected if a surge bypasses the main panel box and cable and phone boxes. A "smart" power strip serves as a local point of protection that can keep your televisions, computers and other devices from being fried in a lightning strike or sudden surge. However, be sure to do your research before buying because not every power strip comes with protection.

Unfortunately, it's impossible for any product to offer 100 percent protection from the damage a lightning strike can cause.  Yet, by installing surge protection David Gray can minimize the effects of a strike or surge, especially during lightning season.