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My breaker keeps tripping, what do I do?


A breaker that keeps tripping is an early sign of potential trouble with the electrical system. The breakers within your fuse box are in place to prevent the system from getting overloaded with more electricity than it can handle. If one or more of your breakers is consistently tripping, you may be using more power than the system can accommodate on a regular basis. This is known as a circuit overload and most homeowners fix the issue by flipping the switch and using less power to avoid it happening again. Circuit overload tends to happen with older homes that have outdated electrical systems, which simply can't handle the amount of power needed to operate modern electronics. Another issue that can cause frequent tripping of a breaker is a short circuit within the outlet itself. When wires cross that should not touch each other, it can cause a surge of electrical current, which causes the breaker to shut off. Short circuits are usually identified by the burning smell and scorch marks on the outlet.

The first step to getting this issue resolved is to have an inspection done by a qualified electrician who can determine how old your electrical system is and what type of upgrade is necessary to safely power your home. Depending on the root cause of the issue, you may need to replace outlets or have wiring fixed to correct the issue.