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Recessed Lighting FAQ


How hard is it to install recessed lighting?

If you're a seasoned professional like we are, installing recessed lighting is quite easy. A few factors that can contribute to the difficulty of the project are the size of your attic and if your roof is flat. Having an attic gives us a space to move around in above your ceiling. However, with the use of our wire camera, special tools, and a drill, installation in any space is possible.

How long does take to install recessed lighting?

Typically, it takes about a half hour per recess can for installation. Therefore, depending on how many lights you are having installed, the whole process can take anywhere from an hour to a few hours. Regardless, the installation will be finished by the day's end.

Does the ceiling have to be removed or cut?

There is no need to take down your ceiling or cut a large hole in it. We have a professional tool that lets us cut a perfect circle just big enough to hold the recess cans. This means you won't have to deal with any drywall repair or paint jobs. Even better, our tool catches the dust and debris that falls from the ceiling during the cutting procedure, keeping your floors and furniture clean and spotless.

Can you update my existing recessed lighting?

Because most recessed lighting is interchangeable, we can easily update the look and style of your recessed lighting without any major renovations. Additionally, many people with older fluorescent or incandescent style lighting want a type of bulb that is more energy efficient. In these cases, we can retro-fit the existing recess cans to hold LED bulbs instead.

What are the different sizes for recessed lights?

While there are many different sizes of recess cans, the most common ones are 3", 4"and 6". Typically, 3" lights are good for dramatic accent lighting around cabinets or curtains, 4" lights are good for lighting up a smaller kitchen, bar, or fireplace, and 6" lights are great for lighting large areas like a hallway, kitchen, or living room.

What kind of recessed lighting options are there for a bathroom?

Any kind of recessed lighting can be used in a bathroom. If it is going to be in a wet area, it might require special waterproof trim to protect it. Additionally, we can install a bathroom exhaust fan that mimics the look of a recess can and provides a much better cosmetic appearance than a clunky square exhaust fan.

Whenever you're ready to install recessed lighting in your home, please give David Gray Electrical Services a call. We can talk with you about your options, determine what kind of recessed lighting would be best, and provide an accurate estimate of the costs involved.