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Save Money and Energy in the Kitchen


As we welcome the fall season and its family gatherings, football, and holiday festivities, we usually find the kitchen at the heart of every celebration. Whether you're entertaining guests or preparing a weekday dinner for your household, learn how to limit your energy usage and save money.

Defrost First

Buying meat or other fresh food in bulk to freeze until you need it is a great way to save money on your groceries, but the bargain doesn't have to end there. Extend the savings to your utility bills by planning ahead and giving frozen food ample time to defrost before dinner time. Rather than using the microwave or oven to quickly bring foods to room temperature, place them in the refrigerator the morning or night before you plan to cook them.

Skip the Drying Cycle

Dishwashers make piles of dirty plates, pots and pans much less of a chore, but the appliance can use a significant amount of unnecessary energy. Next time you run a load of dishes, opt to skip the heated drying option and choose to dry them the old-fashioned way. Whether you hand-dry your plates or simply leave them to drip-dry in the dishwasher, the savings will add up quickly.

Limit Extra Heat

Stoves are equipped with different sizes of burners for a reason. When cooking on the stovetop, make sure to choose the burner that is best matched to the size of the pot or pan being used. Especially with gas stoves, there is no reason for heat or flames to extend beyond the edge of the pan. Although this change seems simple, conserving heat while cooking can result in big savings for your household.  

Chop Veggies and Meat into Smaller Pieces

The smaller something is, the quicker it will cook - which not only helps to save energy, but also makes a hungry family happier, too! Try cutting up veggies and any other ingredients into smaller pieces and you will be surprised at the time you can save cooking (along with a little money).

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