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Smart Home Systems Can Help Sell Your House


Technology has evolved dramatically in recent years, especially in the realm of home security and automation. In fact, by 2020, experts estimate that the smart home industry will be worth over $21 billion. These systems provide easy-to-use features that are incredibly appealing to anyone searching for a new home. See how outfitting your home with the latest smart home technology now can will appeal to homebuyers when you sell down the line.

Keep Up With Newer Competition

Many new homes are now built to include basic smart systems, giving them a noticeable advantage over older homes when they sell. Installing a smart home system in an older home can bridge the gap between classic structures and modern amenities, serving as a competitive advantage for your older home.  Plus, the price of basic automation features has become more affordable over the past few years. While upgraded floors or countertops may be tough to afford, the smaller investment of a basic home automation system is well within reach for most homeowners.

Show Off Money-Saving Technology

Homeowners can benefit greatly from the "wow factor" that smart home technology - such as voice-controlled lighting and a house-wide wireless speaker system - can bring to their space. Younger buyers, who tend to be more tech-savvy in general, will appreciate the ease-of-use and familiarity of technology that they can control from their mobile phones. The technology is also appealing for homebuyers looking to save money, since smart-automated thermostat controls can save an average of 10-12 percent on heating and cooling costs each year.

Enhance Buyer's Peace of Mind

A ready-made smart home system can ease the transition into a new space for homebuyers. Smart security features, which allow you to remotely lock and unlock your home or have lights automatically turn on as you pull into the driveway, are particularly attractive to buyers who are moving into an unfamiliar neighborhood. With smart home automation, your home becomes uniquely customizable for a new family to relax into when the sale is finalized.

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