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Smart Security Upgrades You Need


Many adults arrive home from work after the sun has set. It's not only inconvenient to search for your keys in the dark, it's also a potential security risk. David Gray carries a line of SmartThings that can be installed inside and outside your home for optimal security.

With this smart technology, you can:

Turn lights on when you arrive home after dark

Program your home to turn on exterior and interior lights as dusk becomes night. You won't have to walk around in the dark or worry about what may be hiding in the shadows. For enhanced security, consider motion-sensor lighting to shine a spotlight on any movement in the vicinity of your home.

Monitor visitors at your front door

See what's happening at your front door with a smart camera. Want to dodge a salesperson or neighbor, but not miss an important delivery? A smart camera allows you to decide whether or not to answer the door. Even when you're away from home, you can feel at peace knowing you can monitor the front of your home.

Check if your garage door is open

Who hasn't wondered whether they remembered to close the garage before leaving? Install a SmartThings system and eliminate all doubt. Enjoy the ability to remotely close your garage so wildlife or snooping visitors can't get inside. You can also open your garage to let someone in remotely so you never have to hide or give out a spare key again.

If you are ready to make your home safer and more functional, call David Gray at (904) 605-8190 or visit our landing page at to find any other services you may need.