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Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Electrical Box Waterproof



Before it rains again, homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida, should check that their outdoor electrical elements are safe. Here are tips from David Gray Electrical to prepare outdoor outlets and waterproof electric boxes.

As the changing weather in Florida this holiday season may bring rain, it's important to pay attention to your outdoor electrical elements. From putting up festive lighting to using devices outside, there are safety considerations to keep in mind. Are your outdoor outlets and electric boxes prepared for rain? Here are a few tips to keep your outlets safe and dry.

Use a GFCI Outdoor Outlet

Installing a ground-fault circuit interrupter is actually required by the country's National Electrical Code. You can tell if you have a GFCI outdoor outlet by seeing "test" and "reset" buttons with the embossed letters "WR" (noting that the outlet is weather resistant). All GFCI outlets for outdoor use will need to be controlled by their own dedicated 20-amp circuits. You'll be using these outlets for holiday and decorative lights safely throughout the year once you have a professional set them up.

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Make Sure Outlets Are Properly Installed

If you're not certain that the outdoor outlets were installed properly or that they are up to current code, your best and safest bet is to bring in a professional to examine them thoroughly. The previous homeowner might have cut corners and had a friend or unlicensed electrician install them.

Please note that if we detect any problems, it's easy to rectify and make your outdoor outlets safe and secure. Contact David Gray Electrical to make sure your outlets are installed correctly!

Install a Weatherproof Cover

Yes, you can safely use electrical appliances outside while it's raining (assuming you are under cover, such as in an outdoor kitchen/dining area), as long as you have a waterproof cover in place. You may see these listed as "bubble covers" or even "flip up covers," and they are designed to let you plug in a cord while keeping it safe from moisture.

Also mandated by the National Electrical Code, waterproof covers come with grooves that allow for the extension cords to exit from the bottom. Consult your electrician for details on waterproof cover configurations to meet your family's particular needs.

Take Safety Precautions

There are a number of steps you can take to help ensure that your family and guests will be safe outside during inclement weather as you install and use various electrical appliances. This includes verifying that your swimming pool is wired according to the latest code requirements.

Never use permanent extension cords outside. It's much safer to rely on permanent wiring installed by a professional electrician. Avoid using power tools connected to an extension cord that is not grounded. Finally, if you are using any electrical appliances outdoors, never leave them unattended.

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Don't Let a Rainstorm Cause You Electrical Problems at Home!

The team at David Gray Electrical Services is devoted to ensuring that the homes of each of our customers stay safe from electrical hazards this holiday season as well as throughout the year. When the rain begins to fall, the situation outside can become perilous if you have not properly prepared all outdoor electrical outlets and electric boxes so they are safe and waterproof. For assistance with all your outdoor electrical safety needs, please contact us today.

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