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Top Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners


Dogs, cats and other furry friends can bring joy and love to a family, but they can also inadvertently negatively impact your plumbing. Read on for three important tips for pet owners looking to create an environment where their pets and plumbing peacefully coexist.

Never Flush Kitty Litter

Sending cat litter down the drain will almost certainly cause a clog. Even products marketed as toilet-safe can build up easily in toilet pipes, eventually leading to cracks. Always toss dirty litter in the trash can - never the toilet.

Prevent Animals from Digging

Some dogs love to dig holes, but backyard fun for your pet can quickly turn costly. Pipes underground can become dislodged or cracked during exposure from digging. Make sure you're checking on any holes Fido is digging to ensure he hasn't discovered a plumbing pipe.

Protect Pets from Contaminated Water

Leaks, floods, and even open toilets can make your pet sick if they ingest the water. In addition to keeping your toilet bowl lid closed, be sure to address plumbing problems as soon as they occur. This way, curious cats and dogs won't accidentally drink dirty or contaminated water.

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