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What Causes Low Water Pressure?


Low water pressure doesn't just result in weak showers. It can also have an impact on everything from doing the dishes to thoroughly cleaning your clothes. The average inlet valve water pressure for a home is about 40 to 50 psi. If the water pressure in your Jacksonville home is less than adequate, here are several reasons why it might be happening.

Utility Issues

Before you start looking for issues inside your home, ask your neighbors if they're also experiencing low water pressure. If they are, chances are good there's a problem at the utility provider. For instance, last year the lack of rain in Jacksonville led to low water pressure and residents had their water supply throttled.

Water Meter Valve Not Fully Open

The water meter valve is located inside the box that contains your home's water meter. Though they're sometimes installed indoors, most times they're on an exterior wall or near the edge of your property, close to the street. Even if you can't access the water meter itself, you should be able to see if the valve is open or closed.

The Main House Shutoff Valve Is Closed

Is the main shutoff valve completely open? Sometimes it's left partially or fully closed after a repair job or when you return from vacation. Check it to make sure it's fully open. Where to find it varies from house to house, but it's generally located in the garage or crawl space. If you can't find it, ask a plumber to find it for you.

A Failing Pressure Regulator

Not all homes have a pressure regulator. If yours does, it might be broken. If the regulator's the culprit, you'll likely notice a sudden drop in water pressure as opposed to a gradual loss that's typical with some other problems. Replacing a pressure regulator can be a complicated job so unless you're a skilled DIYer, it's a good idea to call in a pro.

Piping Problems

Clogged and/or corroded pipes can reduce your water pressure. Pipes, particularly galvanized steel ones in older homes, can begin to corrode after only 20 years. And all types of pipes can be clogged by all sorts of debris. In either case, because these problems are generally located beneath the home or within the walls, it's definitely one of those times you want to call in a plumber.

Other issues that cause low water pressure include outdated fixtures, leaking pipes, and shared pipelines.

We Can Help with Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can turn even the simplest tasks into annoyances. If you've tried to locate the problem yourself but have been unable to pinpoint it, we're here to help. In any event, the earlier you get to the bottom of it, the less chance there is of further damage.

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