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Water Heater Noises Explained

pipes of a water heater system

Water heaters are a necessary part of our modern lives. From long, relaxing showers to clean dishes, we need them to work daily!

If you need water heater services in your Jacksonville home, count on David Gray. We offer comprehensive water heater services, from repairs to installations. We’ll ensure your water heater works properly, and we can help you make the best choice for your home and family.

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Common Water Heater Noises

It’s normal for water heaters to make noise when they run. After all, they’re heating a large amount of water for your home and family. Some noises may be familiar but aren’t normal. Here are the typical water heater noises explained:


The banging you hear when running your hot water may not be coming from your water heater but from your pipes. The drastic change in water pressure can cause pipes to shake and react, resulting in a "water hammer” sound.


A buzzing sound in your water heater typically means you have sediment buildup. This sound can happen when the sediment sits at the bottom of your heater or covers your lower heating element.


Ticking sounds from your water heater usually means you had a sudden shift in water pressure. You may need to adjust your water pressure level if the ticking happens regularly.


A screaming or screeching sound from your water heater usually is in the check valves. If they cannot fully open, the water must force itself through a too-small opening, resulting in a screaming sound.

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When To Call a Professional

Some noises from your water heater happen with normal functioning. Other sounds indicate it’s time to call for professional help. If you’ve tried to resolve the issues causing your water heater noises, and they haven’t worked, or the sounds are becoming constant and louder, call your plumber.

If you’re inexperienced, it’s also good to call a professional to help you with your water heater problems. A professional can diagnose and fix your issue with minimal downtime. A DIY repair may mean longer downtime, more money spent on parts, and a higher cost of repairs if you’re unable to complete the job.

A plumber can find the source of your problem and repair the issue before you need major repairs or replacements.

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