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Are You Cleaning Your Outlets and Light Switches? You Should!


On your long list of priorities, cleaning your outlet and light switch covers is probably the last item on your list (if it's on your list at all). However, these places are hot spots for germs. Here are a few safe ways to keep your electrical covers clean.

Cleaning Your Light Switch Covers

Because so many hands touch light switch covers to flick lights on and off, they are a hotspot for germs. Therefore, you'll need to give them extra attention when cleaning them.

Start by turning off the circuit breaker or fuse in your home. This simply keeps you safe just in case any of the cleaning liquid leaks inside the switch. 

Next, unscrew the light switch cover from the wall. All you should need to do this is a screwdriver. Once away from the wall, wipe down the cover with plenty of soap and water or a multi-purpose cleaner. 

Once it's looking clean, dry it off entirely. Then, put it back on the wall by screwing it back in. Turn the electrical breaker back on and give the switch a check to make sure it's fitted in correctly.

Cleaning Your Outlet Covers

Not as many people might touch an outlet cover on a regular basis, but that still doesn't mean they're clean. Additionally, outlet covers are prone to fading over time, getting a yellowed look that doesn't look good in any space.

The process for cleaning an outlet cover is similar to cleaning a light switch cover. Begin by turning off the power to the outlet by turning off the proper fuse or breaker. Next, remove the outlet cover from the wall. 

Once away from the plugs, wipe down the outlet cover with soap and water. Instead of cleaning the actual outlet itself with soap and water, you'll have to be a bit more gentle. Instead, get a dirt removal spray and use a cotton ball to carefully wipe away any muck that has accumulated. 

Finally, once everything is looking clean and dry again, replace the outlet cover and turn the electricity back on.

Let Us Upgrade Your Outlets

Are your outlets or light switches dirty beyond cleaning? After years of use, this can often happen, leaving them looking dull or faded. Improve the look of your home by calling David Gray Electrical Services. We can replace these worn-out features to give your rooms the boost they need.

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