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Kitchen Design Elements That Will Never Go Out of Style


Renovating a kitchen can feel like a balancing act. You want the design to reflect your unique style while also having elements that will survive varying trends. While it can be hard to predict what styles will stick, at Design Studio - David Gray, we have found the following elements are classics that endure.

White cabinets  have been popular among homeowners since the Victorian era since they offer a clean, fresh look. White cabinets are a blank slate, opening up a wide variety of design options. With white cabinets as a classic foundation, you are free to embellish with accents that reflect your personal style, such as glass cabinet knobs or colorful dishware.

Marble countertops  can be expensive, yet they have been a consistent choice in kitchens for decades. Marble's polished look fits perfectly with today's emerging styles or vintage looks. If you don't have the budget for actual marble, lookalike options are available that give the same feel at a fraction of the cost.

Farmhouse sinks  have seen a resurgence in the past couple of years. They feature white porcelain and a large open basin that are attractive to homeowners for both their style and practicality.

Neutral colors  are always a safe bet when it comes to kitchen design. While bright, bold colors are popular now, your kitchen is much less likely to look dated in a few years if you stick with the neutrals. A combination of black and white is always a great option, but grays, browns and beiges are also colors that rarely go out of style.

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