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Make Electrical Resolutions


Keeping your home electrical system at the top of its game will help you stay safe and save you money this year. Read about the top resolutions from David Gray for a brighter, safer home in 2019.

1. Invest in Surge Protection

As technology continues to advance this year, our homes will likely see more and more wires and plugs to keep the power flowing. The strain on outlets - especially in older homes - can result in costly power surges that can fry your devices and appliances. While individual surge protectors are a great first step across the home, consider investing in whole-house surge protection in 2019. A professional can integrate this into your home's existing power panel to protect you from lightning strikes, overvoltage from utility linesand surges from internal appliances.

2. Practice Appliance Safety

Many common home habits can lead to costly mistakes, particularly those involving electronics. This year adopt safe practices to reduce the threat of sparks, surges and fires. Limit your use of extension cords and avoid connecting them or running them under carpets. Check outlets and switches and note any wobbly components. Do a quick scan of your home regularly and unplug any items not in use. Finally, be cognizant of the wattage used by your appliances and try to use only one high-wattage appliance at a time to avoid a surge.

3. Install a Backup Generator

Severe weather can be especially devastating when power loss occurs. Houses go dark, food begins to spoil, and batteries die, causing many to panic. If your home doesn't currently have a backup generator, 2019 is the year to be proactive and invest in one. A permanently installed generator comes on automatically and will allow you to charge your phone, work on your computer, and use necessary appliances during a prolonged power outage. Because it runs on your existing natural gas or LP fuel supply, these generators don't have the safety concerns of removeable ones. David Gray Electrical Services can help you identify the appropriate generator for your home and expertly install it.  

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