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Plumbing Features to Inspect Before Buying a New Home


Buying a new home comes with a unique set of challenges, from finding a place within your budget to negotiating fees and finances with the seller. Even if you find a dream home that looks perfect on the outside, you still need to consider the possible challenges that lurk within. Many homes can come with plumbing issues that can cost you big bucks in repairs. Keep an eye out for these plumbing problems when in the market for a new house.

Clogging Drains and Toilets

While a toilet or sink might look sparkling and new, that doesn't mean it functions like new. It's always a good idea to go to every bathroom in the house and give the toilet a flush to see how well it empties and refills. Problems with either toilets or drains can be as simple as needing a new toilet or as complicated as a huge clog in the main sewer line. If you do find a problem, it's a great idea to have a professional plumbing service perform a camera inspection to identify the root of the issue.

Older Pipes

Any home in Northeast Florida has galvanized or copper water pipes will need to have a repipe performed in the next few years. This is can cost several thousands of dollars. Galvanized and copper pipes have not been used on new construction in many years, and any pipes that remain have deteriorated with age to the point the low water pressure, leaks, and ultimately replacement are in the near future.

Pipes That Are Too Small

Strong water pressure is essential, but you're not going to get it if the pipes carrying your water are too small. Even investing in the best shower head on the market will not be enough to improve your water pressure if the pipes are too small. For adequate pressure, pipes should be at least 3/4" wide from the water source into your home and 1/2" wide to your faucets.

Older Water Heater

Having an updated water heater is a great advantage when home shopping. Over time, mineral deposits can collect and cause corrosion, shortening the life of the water heater and making it less effective in the long run. Additionally, many older water heaters do not have a large enough capacity for modern families. These days, a family of four is typically comfortable with a 40 gallon tank.

Leaking Pipes or Shoddy Repairs

Sometimes, plumbing issues in new homes might be on the smaller side, such as leaky pipes. In many cases, the previous owner may have tried to patch up these leaks in an effort to make them less noticeable. Unfortunately, these shoddy repairs will often cause you more headaches in the future unless they are repaired correctly. Therefore, always be sure to check kitchen and bathroom faucets to see if they leak when the water is on.

If this all seems like a lot to look for on your own, don't hesitate to contact David Gray Plumbing for assistance. We offer comprehensive inspections that will catch all of a home's plumbing issues before you find yourself stuck in a bad bargain.

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