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Should I Turn My Water Off When I Go on Vacation?


Most people don't turn off the water every time they leave the house, but what about if you're headed off on vacation? Should the water be turned off then? How about for shorter, weekend or business trips? Whether you're getting some much needed R&R or attending a work-related conference, there's no fun in coming home to a plumbing problem or, worse, disaster.

The short answer is, yes, you should turn off the water before you leave. Here's why and how to do it right.

Three Reasons to Turn Water Off While You're Gone

One of the worst vacation experiences ever can be getting a call or discovering when you get home that there's been an indoor flood. Here's why it literally pays to make sure the water's off before you take off.

  1. Potential massive damagecan result from broken pipes, leaking supply lines, water heater leaks or other causes.
  2. Enormous costs related to replacing damaged carpets, flooring, walls, electronics, personal items, and more. Many of these costs might not be covered by your homeowner's insurance policy; even if they are, it might take months before you see any money. A good idea is to check your policy right now to see if your coverage is voided if you don't shut the water supply off when you're away from your home for a certain period.
  3. Humongous stress and inconveniencewhile you wait for the plumber, water extraction company, and insurance money to show up and make things better. There's also the emotional price you pay if personal items like photos or family heirlooms are destroyed.

How to Shut Off Your Home's Water

Even if you're only leaving for a few days, it's a great idea to shut off the water supply to your house. It's quick and easy to do and it lets you have one less worry while you're away.

You don't need to turn off the water at every valve under sinks, behind the toilet, or near the water heater. Simply turn off the main water supply valve, which is typically located inside your home, right where the main pipe enters the house. With some homes, the valve is located on the exterior where the pipe connects to the water meter and enters the house.

Final Tip

Mark your calendar a week or so before you leave and inspect your home's faucets, water supply lines, and any visible pipes for damage or leaks. Leave yourself enough time to call in a plumber to make repairs if necessary. Things you can probably do yourself include tightening loose fittings and making sure other systems like sump pumps are in good working condition.

You went on vacation to enjoy the pool, not come home to one! Shut off your water at the main supply before heading out and you'll avoid any unpleasant surprises when you get home. Whatever your plumbing needs might be, David Gray Plumbing is here to help. We've been serving the needs of Jacksonville, FL homeowners for more than 25 years and we can fix any plumbing problem or flood issue. We'll even help you locate your water supply and show you how to properly turn it off! To learn more, give us a call at (904) 724-7211 or contact us online today.

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