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Top Three Home Lighting Trends for 2019


The way your home is lit is an essential part of your decor. Whether it's bright and inviting or dim and cozy, your home lighting says a lot about who you are. And now, new advances in lighting technology provide you with more versatility than ever before.

Here are the top three lighting trends for 2019 that take advantage of this versatility in unique and surprising ways.

1. Human-Centric Lighting

The light around us affects our bodies, our brains, and our health in ways most of us don't even realize. Color has an impact as well, influencing us in a variety of different ways. Certain colors excite us, while others calm us down. That's the principle behind human-centric lighting.

Designed to fit with our natural circadian rhythms, LEDs provide a slightly blue-tinted light during the day, to stimulate us and give us energy. Then at night, it switches to an amber-tinted light, which helps us calm down and unwind. The change is designed to mimic the natural change in the sun's lighting over the day.

The difference is subtle and unobtrusive, but it's enough to help people regulate their body schedules in a healthy way. Human-centric lighting can improve melatonin production, allowing you to function better during the day and sleep better at night.

2. Smart Home Lighting

Through devices like Alexa, or even just your smartphone or tablet, almost any basic function in your home can be controlled with a spoken command or the touch of a button. Smart lighting makes use of this technology, allowing you to customize your home's lighting from anywhere in the world, via an app.

You can set the lights to follow your schedule, turning off automatically when you're at work, and turning back on just as you arrive home, to save you energy. You can also reset and adjust your lights while you're on vacation, to deter burglars, trespassers, and any other unwanted guests.

Additionally, smart lighting lets you adjust the brightness much more subtly than an ordinary dimmer switch, providing light or shade as needed. Set the light's intensity on a scale, anywhere from 1 to 100 percent, for a variety of different moods or occasions. You can even add different colors, in that same range of intensities, to create the lighting scheme that works for you and makes you most comfortable.

3. WELL Home

The WELL standard is a series of criteria for buildings, designed to optimize health and wellness. These criteria can be applied to offices and commercial buildings, but also to homes. Among other things, there are standards for your home's air, water, and of course, its lighting.

Some of these standards are based on human-centric lighting, and designed to improve your circadian rhythm. Others help with improving the quality of the color in the light we see, or managing the difference in brightness between different rooms, hallways, etc. There are also ideas for glare control, both from indoor lights and from the sun outside. Using the WELL standard of lighting as a guide can help make people happier and healthier in a variety of different ways.

These trends are revolutionizing the way people light their homes in 2019. If you want to know more about these and other lighting trends, and how they can work for you, talk to our experts at David Gray.

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