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Why You Should Invest in a Backup Generator


From minor thunderstorms to major hurricanes, bad weather often results in lost power. Losing power shuts down your HVAC system, refrigerator, and water heater during a storm. A backup generator does more than ensure your family's health and comfort if the power goes out - it can also save you from a financial headache. Read on for David Gray Electrical's top reasons to invest in a backup generator.

  • Keeps temperatures under control. A portable generator can keep temperatures stable, but only for a finite amount of time. A backup generator never runs out of gas - plus, it turns on automatically, regulating temperatures mere seconds after your power goes out. A cool home can also bring a sense of comfort to you and your family while you bunker down during a storm.
  • Allows you to stay at home. One of the main reasons families voluntarily evacuate after a storm hits is the loss of power. When a major hurricane hits, it can leave people without electricity for weeks on end. With a backup generator, you will be able to comfortably stay in your home (if storm severity allows). It can be a hassle to find a hotel or a relative to stay with, especially if your portable generator runs out of gas while you are still without power. Having a generator will alleviate some of that worry during a hurricane.
  • Maintains home security. Unfortunately, many portable generators are stolen during storms because people are desperate for power. This can be avoided with a backup generator, which is very difficult to remove once it is installed. The generator will also keep your home security system running if the power is out, giving you peace of mind before, during and after a storm and helping to fend off would-be burglars.

Purchasing a backup generator can give your family much-needed peace of mind during a storm. If you are interested in taking the next step towards power stability this hurricane season, call David Gray Electrical Services at (904) 605-8190 or visit