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Wi-Fi Thermostats


There are many ways that you can make your heating and cooling system more efficient, which saves you money and helps extend the life of the components in the system. Better insulation, new windows, turning your temperature up or down a couple of degrees; these are all great ideas to help lower your utility bills. One of the newest technologies in heating and air conditioning is the Wi-Fi thermostat. Most homeowners have never heard of a Wi-Fi thermostat, but it can save you time and money.

What Is a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

Before you can understand how a Wi-Fi thermostat can benefit you, you have to understand what it does. A Wi-Fi thermostat is similar to a regular analog or digital thermostat in that it controls the temperature in your home and tells your furnace or AC what it needs to do to keep everyone comfortable. The Wi-Fi thermostat goes a step further, though. You can set your thermostat up and then connect it to the wireless network in your home or office. Next, bring up the corresponding app on your smartphone and log in. You can then control your thermostat from your phone, from virtually anywhere in the world.

How Can a Wi-Fi Thermostat Help Me?

There are several benefits that can be achieved by installing a Wi-Fi thermostat in your home or business. First, it's going to save you money. You will have complete and total control over the temperature in your home no matter where you are. You can set the temperature a little higher in the summer or a little lower in the winter when no one is home. Your system will run less and save you money. Then you can log in and readjust the temperature as you leave work so your house will be comfortable and the temperature will be perfect by the time you arrive home.

Maybe you are in another area of the home or are otherwise occupied and can't get to the thermostat. Or one of your family members may be disabled and unable to change the temperature. Just log in to the app on your phone and make adjustments as needed. This eliminates the need to get out of your chair or comfy spot in front of the television.

If you travel often, you may have had times where you've left home and forgot to readjust the temperature for the empty house before you left. Or maybe you left pets home alone and an unexpected cold snap or heat wave hits and you need to turn on your furnace or AC. You don't have any friends or family available to run over to the house and make adjustments for you. If you forgot to adjust the temperature and left the system on as normal, your furnace or air conditioner will run while you are gone and your utility bill will be the same even though you are not home. A Wi-Fi thermostat eliminates issues caused by forgetfulness or other issues. You can log in from the airport, inside the car or from a hotel room halfway across the globe and readjust your thermostat.

A Wi-Fi thermostat is a great investment, and the savings you see on your utility bills will usually cover the cost of the thermostat within the first year of us. A Wi-Fi thermostat makes it easier than ever before to control your home's temperature and keep everyone comfortable when needed, without blowing your budget.

The professionals at David Gray Heating & Air have the experience and knowledge to help you install a Wi-Fi Thermostat in your home.  For more information about Wi-Fi Thermostats or to set up an appointment to have one of our expert technicians come out for a consultation, please feel free to contact us today.