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Will a Bigger HVAC System Perform Better?


People often measure the value of something by how big it is, reasoning that they are getting a bigger bang for their buck. For example, a person shopping for a car will opt for the model with the biggest engine and towing capacity. Restaurants will serve portions that are so enormous, a single meal winds up turning into leftovers for the next two days.

However, bigger is not always better when it comes to your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. A professionally trained AC technician will know about the importance of properly sizing equipment to handle the particular needs of any given building.

In order to determine the correct size, you have to take a number of factors into account, including the size of the building and what kind of climate and weather patterns occur in that location. The delivery system is another key component when setting up an HVAC system for maximum efficiency.

Correct Sizing

Although an oversized air conditioner will be able to quickly cool down your home or business, it won't reduce the humidity level sufficiently and will use too much energy. This happens because an oversized air conditioning unit will run in shorter cycles, which is enough time to cool the space but not enough time for a sufficient amount of air to blow over the indoor coil.

It takes time for the moisture to condense into water and then drain from your HVAC system. An incorrectly sized system will result in more water remaining, which can lead to unhealthy microbial growth.

In the meantime, your oversized HVAC system is working too hard as it starts up and shuts down more often during the shorter cycles, which amounts to excessive wear and tear on the equipment as well as higher utility bills.

It's better to have a qualified, experienced contractor properly size an HVAC system to your building to determine the right level of equipment. You'll save money and see greater efficiency and improved functioning of your HVAC system when it is the right size.

Duct System

Another important factor to consider is the supply system, which means that your ducts and grilles must be installed professionally to make sure that they can handle the load of the HVAC system with minimal leakage.

When the ducts are leaking, you are essentially throwing away money while putting too much of a load on the HVAC system. Your properly trained contractor will correctly match the heating and cooling components with the distribution system.

Maintaining Even Temperatures

When you have a properly sized HVAC system for your location and the ducts and grilles are sufficient for the load the system places on them, you will enjoy more even temperatures in the winter and summer. When the air mixes properly, the temperature will be more stable and you won't have one room that gets too hot while another room is too cold, for example.

What's more, you should expect to be more comfortable as humidity levels are kept in check and no longer experience drafts. Your HVAC system will also run much more efficiently, which means that it will last longer with less wear and tear while your utility bills decrease.

If you are in the market for a central air conditioner, whether to install equipment in a location that has no current HVAC system or to replace one that does not provide adequate cooling, it's prudent to contact your contractor as soon as possible. As the weather starts heating up, the demand for installation and service calls will increase, making it harder to get an appointment.

Business owners and homeowners in the Jacksonville area have been benefiting from the professionally trained experts at David Gray Heating & Air to handle all their HVAC sizing and installation needs for many years now. Please give us a call if you would like to learn more about our HVAC service or to schedule an appointment today.