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Why are parts of your home cooler than others?


When you've been out all day at work, school or running errands and are looking forward to coming home and relaxing, what could be worse than your home having developed hot and cold spots?

If all parts of your home cannot maintain the same temperature and level of comfort, it's almost as if you don't have a centralized air conditioning system at all. The professionals at David Gray Heating & Air can sympathize. We've seen our fair share of homes where the cooling system is unable to keep every area of the building comfortable on a consistent basis. Read on for more information about why certain parts of your home might be cooler than others.

Crowded and Stuffy

In some cases, parts of your home will feel warmer and stuffier because they are overcrowded. Gathering a large group together in the family room or dining room means you are adding that much more body heat. Consider the fact that politicians will typically turn the air conditioning up in debate halls because all the heat given off by the crowd will make everyone in the place uncomfortable.

You may simply need to adjust the thermostat a bit higher to account for days when a room is too crowded. Adding a ceiling fan to an area of your home with limited air movement can also help in this type of situation.


Often times the cause of uneven cooling in a home is poor ductwork. Cool air is distributed throughout your home via ducts, and if they are clogged at any point, it will be harder to keep that part of the house comfortable.

Your best option is to have a licensed, professional HVAC technician come to your home for duct inspection and cleaning on a periodic basis.

Remember that clogged ducts will cause your HVAC equipment to work harder than needed, which causes unnecessary wear and tear and can lead to the system malfunctioning. You will also see higher utility bills caused by running the AC more often than would normally be required.

Thermostat and Zone System

Modern homes often include a zone system for heating and cooling. By installing a smart thermostat and programming different levels of cooling for each area in the home, you can eliminate the problem of uneven cooling.

Make sure to install your thermostat in a place away from direct sunlight or in a location in your home with no insulation to get the most accurate reading and better control over indoor temperatures.

It would seem ridiculous to invest in an HVAC system and allow it to operate in an inefficient manner, with some parts of your dwelling staying cooler than others. At David Gray Heating & Air, our technicians are experts when it comes to installing equipment and ductwork for homeowners in the greater Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding communities. We would be happy to come to your premises to make an inspection and consult with you on the best way to fix the situation. For more details on our HVAC maintenance, inspection and repair services, please contact David Gray Heating & Air today.