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Why is Timing so Important When Scheduling AC Maintenance and Repair?


As a responsible business owner or homeowner with property to protect in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area, you don't want to lower its value by neglecting the air conditioning system that keeps everyone safe and comfortable in all types of weather.

And when you recognize the importance of protecting your investment in HVAC equipment, you'll come to realize that this is not a task to put off until the last minute.

During a heat wave, for example, you can expect that many people living and working in the hottest locations will suddenly find that their AC equipment is malfunctioning. They haven't used it since the previous year and now find the air conditioning unit is unable to keep up with the soaring temperature of an unexpectedly hot day. They deluge local repair companies, trying to get the receptionist to squeeze them in.

By planning ahead and arranging for scheduled maintenance or repairs, you can rest assured that HVAC professionals will have plenty of time to catch problems before they grow serious and need more time and resources to fix. This lets you protect your air conditioning system investment.

Regular Preventative Maintenance is Crucial

You routinely go to the dentist for teeth cleanings and oral hygiene maintenance, you take your car to the mechanic according to a schedule, and tend to a myriad of other items through regular care. It makes sense to do the same when it comes to keeping your air conditioning system running in top-notch condition.

A licensed and bonded HVAC technician will come to your premises and make a detailed inspection. At this point, he or she will determine if the system needs a thorough cleaning and will take care of that on the spot. Preventative maintenance and cleaning is essential because it lets you catch small problems now and nip them in the bud.

It's worth remembering that when the technician cleans the system, it will function more efficiently. This lowers your "carbon footprint" as well as it reduces your utility bills.

When Should You Schedule Service for your AC Equipment?

The earlier you can schedule service, the better. Don't wait until the middle of summer to make your phone call, since telephones will be ringing off the hook as multitudes discover to their dismay that the AC is no longer working. So, sometime during the winter or spring, contact your HVAC professionals and set up an appointment to thoroughly check out the system.

It would be prudent to immediately enter the appointment date in your work or home calendar so you don't inadvertently plan something else for the same day as the service call and have to adjust the schedule.

Homeowners and business owners living and working in the greater Jacksonville, Florid area have come to rely on the resourceful experts at David Gray Heating & Air for all their air conditioning maintenance and repairs. Regular maintenance is required to keep the system from working harder than it needs to. Reducing inefficiency in this way helps to keep your utility bills down as well. For details on our repairs and maintenance work or to set up an appointment for a service call, please feel free to contact the professionals at David Gray Heating & Air today.