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Solutions to Local HVAC Related Issues



Air conditioning Problems can affect your home comfort and amplify your utility bills. These issues can range from simple inefficiency to complete breakdowns of the unit. You can learn to spot the common issues experienced by many homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida, by knowing the early signs. Here are some of the issues most commonly seen with AC units in our local area, and the signs so you can recognize them.

No Cool Air

An air conditioner may run when switched on, but it does not emit cold air. If this is so, you need to have your unit checked, especially the refrigeration levels. A refrigerant helps with blowing cool air from the unit, and if it runs out, the air will continue to blow but never get as cool as you need.

Fan Won’t Rotate

Sometimes your AC fan may fail to switch because it burned out. When you notice the static motion, you may need to have it replaced at once. In Florida, humidity causes more condensation, so the water may not drain properly due to constrained flow, which can affect the fan motion. This issue can be solved with repair to the pipes or an expert fix to the fan and drainage problems.


If the temperature you’ve set the thermostat to is not reflected in the actual cooling, you have an under-cooling problem. Check if the air filter is blocked or obstructed as this may cause complications with cooling.

Humidity can also be the cause of this issue. Humid areas like Jacksonville can sometimes have a high level of moisture in the air, which causes your AC to blow moist air. Most To combat the discomfort associated with high humidity, people tend to have their AC‘s on 24 hours during the humid days. It can significantly overwork your HVAC unit, leading to multiple complications all at once.

Another complication that causes ineffective cooling is improper sizing. A unit that is too small will struggle to cool your home. Check with your local dealer for the right measurements required in your home, or check out our article on choosing the right unit for your home.

HVAC Short Cycling

Depending on your HVAC manufacturer, some problems with your AC could reflect short cycling or continuous turning on and off. It is an indication of the evaporator or condenser in need of cleaning. Have a professional remove the dirt, and your unit will run as good as new.

Bad Drainage

AC units create runoff water as they cool your environment. The excess water emanates from moisture properties from the condensed air in HVAC systems. When the passage clogs, your air conditioner could cause leaks, floods, and interruptions in the system. If this happens, you may have trouble getting your air conditioner to turn on and stay on. The issue may originate from the central evaporator unit, located near the base of the machine.

The experts at David Gray Heating and Air can assist you in fixing any of these issues. Our years of expertise with air conditioning in Jacksonville help us discern the cause of the problem fast and resolve it easily. Contact us at the first sign of an issue.