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Innovations in AC units


When it comes to your HVAC system, advancements in technology are making it more energy efficient than ever. Advancement in technology is increasing communication between the indoor and outdoor controls, while maximizing the dehumidifying processes and reducing heat loss. The systems are becoming quieter and more efficient.

Below are some of the latest innovations in HVAC industry that you can expect to see spreading through the industry and coming to a home near you soon.

Newer green technologies are taking over

Ice Energy, a company in California, has developed a cooling system that runs on ice. You read it right, ice. The company has come up with their ice bear that freezes 450 gallons of water. Once the water has been frozen, it is used to provide a cooling effect for up to six hours.

The system runs in conjunction with the traditional AC system which allows you to save money while reducing the carbon footprints at the same time. Ice Energy installs the system at the cost of installing a new AC unit.

Apps and Smart Homes

Connected HVAC systems are becoming common. Advance mobile apps installed on your smartphone or tablet provides you with the ability to control your home’s HVAC system from anywhere.

With a simple Wi-Fi connection, you can customize your HVAC to always alert you of various problems or relevant statistics that will always keep you ahead of potential problems. For example, the system can send you a notification on your mobile phone when the air filter has gathered dust or needs a replacement. Mitsubishi Electric is one of the leading companies capable of converting your current HVAC system into a smart system that you can easily track with a mobile app.

Intelligent Thermostats

The NEST learning thermostat is more or less a virtual butler. It is an excellent example of a smart thermostat. The thermostat educates itself on the temperatures that you always prefer, and it will automatically adjust the room temperature to the settings based on the time of the day.

The thermostat learns about the heating and cooling habits in your home with the aim of maximizing your energy efficiency. The thermostat can reduce your heating bill by at least 10% and your cooling bill by at least 15%. The thermostat can also be accessed remotely via a Smartphone app which gives you the power of controlling your AC unit even when you are away from home.

Geothermal Power is taking center stage

Geothermal power is usually regarded as a sustainable source of clean energy. Geothermal systems usually recover heat from the earth and re-use it in heating homes and generating clean electricity. Geothermal heating is renewable and efficient.

An Australian company named Chromasun has already produced a low-cost alternative to your traditional HVAC system that makes use of geothermal power. Since the technology is still relatively new, it is not yet widely available in the United States. The system features a double-chiller which provides more cooling capabilities than any other system while eliminating electricity costs.

Numerous innovations in technology are changing various industries across the world every day. The HVAC industry is no different. Nowadays residential HVAC systems are more sophisticated and are manufactured to provide maximum efficiency. Incorporating the above technologies in your traditional AC unit should make it more environmental-friendly and simpler.

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