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Avoid These Common HVAC Issues this Summer


As the temperature skyrockets in the greater Jacksonville, Florida region and beyond this summer, homeowners are depending on their air conditioning system to deliver reliable service day in and day out. If your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is not performing up to standard, it can put a damper on your summer experience.

Fortunately, the technicians at David Gray Heating & Air have plenty of experience in quickly figuring out what is wrong with an AC setup and how to remedy the situation. Whether your HVAC equipment needs routine cleaning and maintenance or repairs or replacement, you can count on us to take care of the problem as soon as possible so you can enjoy summer in comfort.

What follows are common HVAC issues that occur in summer that you should be aware of. Remember that when in doubt, it's best to consult with a technician when it comes to keeping your AC running properly. 

Air Conditioner Won't Turn On

When your AC won't turn on, don't fret. The problem might be very simple. If the thermostat is set to have the fan on at all times and the AC is set to activate only when the temperature reaches 78 but it is 77 now, the fan will run but the AC will not be running.

After verifying that the AC won't turn on when you adjust the thermostat, check to make sure a fuse hasn't blown.

If you cannot get the air conditioning to go on then, it's time to call for a technician to check it out.

AC Is not Cooling

It's frustrating when you believe your AC is operational but for some reason, it is not cooling the home. The problem could be that vents are closed, preventing the cooled air from getting into certain rooms, so inspect each one.

If the HVAC system has a leak in the refrigerant line, this will degrade the performance of your air conditioning. A qualified technician will need to assess the situation.

The System Makes Noise

All HVAC systems make particular sounds during their normal course of operation and you and your family will soon become accustomed to these sounds. However, if it is making a strange sound you have never heard before or if the sound clearly seems to be from malfunctioning equipment, shut it off and call for service.

Costs Too Much to Run

A review of your latest power utility bills and comparison with bills from previous years has indicated that you are paying more than you used to, even taking into account any price hikes. Escalating power bills (when you aren't changing any of your typical usage patterns) are a sign that your HVAC system isn't running as efficiently as it should.

Often the problem is caused by the buildup of dirt and dust on the coil during normal operation of your air conditioner. It's best to have your system inspected, cleaned and maintained every year. This gives you the lowest total cost of ownership and ensures that you will have lower power bills going forward.

AC Stays on Too Long

You have sensed that your AC is staying on too long for what should normally be required to cool the home. Again, the problem could be that the system has grown dirty and you can remedy this with a professional cleaning.

Another reason is more serious, if the team that installed the HVAC system in the first place did not do a good job of estimating the AC load requirement. Put simply, your HVAC system should be properly sized for your particular home.

With AC equipment, bigger is not always better. If your HVAC system is too big, it will tend to run more often, cycling on and off more quickly than it should. This results in the home not being cooled properly and the system has to run more-leading to excess wear and tear as well as higher utility bills.

There's no need for you and your family to spend another uncomfortable day in the hot summer heat here in Jacksonville, FL. The professionals at David Gray Heating & Air will come over and make a thorough inspection of your HVAC system to get to the heart of the problem. Whatever issues are occurring with the air conditioning equipment, you can count on us to devise a solution that meets your budget and comfort needs. For details on our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact David Gray Heating & Air today.

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