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How to Prep Your Pipes for Summer


Summer officially kicks off June 21, but we're already experiencing the summer heat. As schools let out and the temperature continues to rise, prep your plumbing now to avoid costly issues in the coming months.

Inspect your system.Address any potential problems before summer starts to avoid emergency maintenance and high water bills. If you have a specific area you're concerned about, install a smart leak detector so you can monitor it wherever you are.

Check the water heater.Summer is the best time to have your water heater serviced. There is less demand for water heater repair, which means you can schedule it on your time. Have your system drained of sediment buildup and repair or replace any faulty parts.

Make sure everything works.Some valves can stop working simply from nonuse. Check faucets and pipes in areas that aren't frequently used, like guest bathrooms. Again, this is a great place to install a leak sensor to make sure you are alerted if there is a problem.

Protect your house during vacation.Problems tend to arise when homeowners are away, so prepare your home for vacation. Turn your main water off to protect yourself from potential leaks. You can also turn your water heater off to avoid potential problems and save electricity.

Start getting ready now to make sure you can relax and enjoy when summer officially starts. If you want help prepping your plumbing system, call David Gray Plumbing at (904) 605-8190.