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Is it Time to Get a New AC


Making the decision to upgrade your current air conditioning system isn’t an easy one. Most of the time, these systems last between 15 and 20 years, sometimes longer with good maintenance. Yet, over time, it will be necessary to replace your existing air conditioner with a new model. There are a few key signs that indicate you shouldn’t wait to update your AC unit but rather call a team to provide you with estimates.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Eventually, all homes need to replace their existing air conditioner. Most of the time, you don’t need to update the ventilation, but here are some examples it’s time to replace the actual cooling system.

Your Energy Bills Are Growing

Its true, inflation plays a role in increasing energy costs. However, if your energy bills are very high or they are higher than your neighbor’s, chances are good your system is struggling to work efficiently. As the system ages, the air conditioner’s motor and fans must work harder to compensate for the ongoing need for cooled air. Over time, they just stop working efficiently, leaving you with a system that is always running. This raises your bills. In some cases, the rise can be sudden. Keep in mind a new system will save you money.

You Need Regular Repairs

Most people should have an inspection of their air conditioner at least once a year before the heavy-use season. However, if you need repairs more than once during the season, that’s an indication of a need to upgrade. Instead of spending a significant amount to repair your system numerous times, put those funds towards a new system. In the long term, it will reduce what you spend.

Your House Temperature Isn’t Right

Perhaps you have already replaced the thermostat, but your home seems to frequently be too hot or too cold. This happens when the system is unable to regulate temperature well. You might be able to make some repairs to fix this, but they can be expensive. If your home always feels uncomfortable, you might benefit from a new air conditioner. Some models provide better coverage of your home, reducing hot and cold spots.

Your AC System Is Older

It’s not common for a technician to recommend the replacement of a still-working unit. However, if your air conditioner was made before 2008, chances are good it’s no longer efficient. That means it’s costing you money to run it. Newer models are far more efficient. They use less energy to create a more consistent level of comfortable air. If your existing system is older, talk to your air conditioner technician about the benefits of updating it with a more efficient model. Many homeowners can see costs reduced significantly when making this change.

Unsure If It’s Time to Replace Your AC System?

You don’t have to make a decision on your own about when to upgrade your AC system. Instead, allow our team at David Gray HVAC provide a full inspection for you. We’ll make recommendations for repairs, if possible, or offer cost-savings options for upgrading to a modern system. Contact us today to learn more about your options.