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Is It Time to Replace Your Pipes?


Even the best-laid pipes won't last forever. Whether you are facing persistent problems in your current home or scanning the market for a new house, the status of a structure's plumbing pipes requires your attention. See David Gray's recommendations on when to consider a re-piping project.

Re-piping Basics

Re-piping involves the reinstallation of new water lines to replace a failing system. While some leaks and issues can be fixed with smaller repairs in the short term, an aging system will continue to decline until the pipes are replaced. Ignoring a failing pipe system can result in complete loss of water pressure or potentially thousands of dollars' worth of damage if leaks occur.

Warning Signs

Age One of the biggest factors in deciding whether to re-pipe your home is the age of your pipes. Piping materials rust, galvanize and deteriorate over time, and Florida's mineral and chlorine-rich water expediates the process. Homeowners of older houses (1970s and earlier) should be especially aware of the lifespan of their piping system. Brass and galvanized steel lines tend to last the longest: around 80 to 100 years with appropriate care. Copper lines can last around 70 years, and PVC piping can survive anywhere from 25 to 40 years at most.

Water Quality The quality of the water in your home can signal problems within your piping system. Odd-tasting or rusty-colored water is often a sign of deteriorating pipes. Low to nonexistent water pressure may also plague a home with an aging system. If you are unable to run water through more than one plumbing fixture at the same time, call a plumber to inspect the pipes in your home. 

Persistent leaks throughout a home's plumbing system are a telltale sign of failing pipes. If all of the fixtures in your home are constantly springing leaks, the piping is likely the problem. Gradual water damage in the ceiling or walls may also point to pipes that are in need of replacing, so alert your plumber to any long-term leak patterns.

Re-piping is a complex renovation that needs to be handled by experienced plumbing professionals. If you suspect a problem with your pipes, call in a plumbing expert to get an evaluation on your water system. David Gray Plumbing offers complete re-piping services and repairs to homes, condos and multi-family complexes. For more information, call (904) 605-8190 or visit