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7 Electrical Outlet Upgrades You Should Consider



Electrical outlets are one of the home basics we all take for granted. We expect plugs to be readily available in every room of the house. This is especially true given all of the electronic devices we rely on.

The truth is, electrical outlets have come a long way over the years. While many homeowners already know that two-prong outlets are outdated and should be upgraded for reliability and safety, here are seven outlet options you may not have considered:

20A Outlets

Some appliances need much more power than others. For example, a clock does not need the same amount of electricity as your washer and dryer. Homeowners install 20A outlets so that they can run heavy duty, power-devouring appliances without worrying about tripping the electrical breakers. Typical locations for 20A outlets are in the laundry room, garage and the kitchen.

AFCI Outlets

An AFCI or arc fault circuit interrupter is designed to bring more safety to your home. Your electrician will be happy to install modern AFCI circuit breakers-which are supposed to be installed in all homes built since 1999. If you live in an older dwelling, the time to upgrade is now. You can arrange to have AFCI breakers on all circuits.

While you are not legally required to install AFCI breakers if you don't already have them, you should consider them for safety's sake. However, if you plan to make any additions to your home, the new circuits will have to include AFCI outlets.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters GFCI

A problem in your home's electrical system, such as a ground fault or a short circuit can lead to injury or even death by electrocution. To be safe, you need to install a GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter. GFCIs are needed anywhere you plug in appliances near water, such when working in the kitchen or when using a blow dryer in the bathroom.

Recessed Outlets

When designing the look and decor of your home, you may become displeased because of electrical plugs that stick out of the socket. They present an obstruction when space is narrow and people are trying to walk past them. What's more, conventional outlets can cause a hazard when you have extension cords plugged in (people can trip over them). The solution is recessed outlets. They keep things neater and the plugs no longer stick out.

Smart Outlets

Chances are that you use apps on your smartphone to make life more convenient. Did you know that you can have your electrician install smart outlets in the home? They work like ordinary outlets to plug in devices, but you can now turn the power on and off by controlling the outlet with your phone.

TRR (Tamper Resistant Receptacles)

If you are raising a family in your Jacksonville, Florida home, child safety is of the utmost importance. Install tamper resistant receptacles for greater peace of mind. The TRRs prevent curious children from sticking their fingers or objects into exposed outlets and getting shocked or accidentally starting a fire.

USB Outlets

With so many portable devices needing to be constantly recharged to replenish their batteries, it can be a good idea to install some USB outlets throughout your home. You won't have to plug your phone into a computer's USB outlet now, or hunt for an adapter. Put USB outlets in the living room, bedrooms, home office and any location where you need to conveniently power up a tablet, phone or other gadget.

Getting Help and Advice for Your Upcoming Electrical Outlet Upgrade

Whether you need a complete overhaul of your home's electrical system to bring it in line with modern technology or have a specific replacement in mind, such as USB outlets or new smart outlets, the team at David Gray Electrical Services is standing by to assist. We have years of experience bringing homes up to date for their electrical outlets and our professionals stay on top of industry developments so that we always follow best practices. To learn more about your electrical outlet options or to arrange for consultation and service, give us a call today: (904) 605-8190.

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