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7 Questions to Help You Hire the Best Electrician for the Job



Before you hire an electrician, you want to make sure it's someone you can trust. How do you know you're hiring the right people for the job? Here are seven questions to ask before you choose your next electrician.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Having an electrician's license means a person has spent several years working as an apprentice before becoming fully certified. Most apprentices must work 2,000 hours a year for a minimum of four years before they can earn the title of electrician. To top it all off, they need to take the journeyman exam to prove they have essential knowledge. If an electrician hasn't done all of this, they're certainly not worth hiring.

Even skilled electricians can make mistakes, which is why it's important to choose one that is insured. Try to find an electrician with at least a $1,000,000 policy, as this should cover any damage to your home.

2. What Experience Do You Have?

Asking about an electrician's experience lets you find out what kinds of projects they've done in the past. If they've never handled something similar to your project, it might be best to pass.

3. Do You Offer Warranties?

Similar to insurance, warranties are a guarantee that the electrician will fix wiring or lighting if something goes wrong. They are a great safety net to have for any project.

4. Do You Specialize in Specific Areas of Electrical Work?

Try to find an electrician who specializes in the project you want done. For example, if an electrician mostly works on indoor wiring but you want someone to handle outdoor wiring, you might want to look elsewhere.

5. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

There's nothing wrong with newbie electricians, but they won't have the on-the-job knowledge and proficiency as a more seasoned electrician.

6. What Is Included in Your Estimate?

You want to make sure the estimate will be thorough and won't miss any key costs. Ideally, find an electrician who provides a project summary, a timeline for the job, and complete project costs broken down by labor, materials and permits.

7. Do I Need a Permit for this Job?

Speaking of permits, not all jobs can just be completed by calling up an electrician. In many cases, you'll have to get approval from your local government before the work can be done. What requires a permit varies by state and municipality, but common projects include installing or altering any permanent wiring in the house or putting in additional wiring.

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