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Wouldn't it be great if you could relax more easily at home and leave more of your chores to automated services? The dream of home automation is upon us thanks to devices and gadgets to automate many home processes that are affordable.

Home automation isn't just about convenience - it can save you money, too. Whether you are motivated more by cutting costs, improving home safety or just making your dwelling a more comfortable place for you and your family to enjoy, there's a home automation solution in store for you.

Here are a few features and upgrades you can consider for your home in Florida today.

1. Save Money

For many homeowners, cutting costs is a major motivation for home automation. Consider that you can install smart thermostats that connect to the Internet so that you can even adjust the setting when at work or running errands. You can use home automation to monitor how much water you are using, which can encourage you to conserve resources and lower your utility bills for water as well as for heating that water.

2. Gain Greater Control

What's happening in your home? At a glance, you can see which lights are on, what appliances are working and who is knocking at your front door. From temperature control via the smart thermostat to a media center that knows when you come home and starts playing your favorite music, there are plenty of ways you can control your home more precisely with home automation.

3. Added Convenience

Imagine that when it's time to wake up, your bedroom drapes gradually slide open as the sun is rising to help you greet the new day! You can also have the system turn on your favorite news and weather on TV or the radio as you begin your morning routine, as the coffee maker starts brewing based on its preprogrammed instructions. The list of things you can automate in your home to make it more convenient is only limited by your imagination!

4. Safety with Devices Connected to the Home

Did you remember to turn off the oven after breakfast? Did someone leave a curling iron on in the bathroom during the morning rush to get ready for school? You can make sure that all the lights are turned off, to be sure, but you can also use home automation to verify that no unneeded lamps are illuminating the home and that all appliances are safely shut down-this increases everyone's safety while also helping you to use less energy, going forward.

5. Sense of Security

A home automation system can protect your family by connecting it with your home security system or motion sensor-triggered cameras (including infra-red cameras to help detect intruders prowling around in your backyard in the dead of night). Cameras in your home automation setup will also allow you to monitor when services deliver packages while you are away.

If you would like to ditch the old fashioned standard keys on a keychain for entering your home, you could swap out the ordinary door lock for an automated door lock system. Consider children who forget their key at home or who forget to lock the door in their rush to get to school or go outside to play. An automated locking system takes care of such problems and makes your dwelling more secure.

Ready to Get Started with Home Automation?

At David Gray Electrical Services, our team has years of experience helping people set up home automation systems and we would be happy to consult with you to develop the perfect, customized environment. To learn more about your options for home automation or to get started on your project, give us a call today: (904) 605-8190.

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