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Serving Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Palm Coast

David Gray Design Studio Is Shutting Down


After serving Jacksonville for eight years, David Gray has decided to complete our current design projects and close our Design Studio division to better focus on our core plumbing, electrical and heating and air services.

We've enjoyed beautifying homes throughout the First Coast and are still able to expertly handle the plumbing and electrical portions of kitchen and bath remodels, including providing and installing fixtures. However, if you're still interested in turn-key remodeling, we are happy to recommend designers that regularly rely on our team for the plumbing and electrical work involved. Thank you for supporting David Gray Design Studio through the years!

Other David Gray Businesses

Even with Design Studio shutting down, David Gray is still going strong with our other businesses. So, if you have any issues with plumbing, need electrical services, or have HVAC troubles, do not hesitate to reach out to us at (904) 605-8190.

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