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Design Advice to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger


A small bathroom can become a big problem - especially for homeowners welcoming guests into their homes this holiday season. Consider these on-trend design tips to maximize your bathroom space while giving it a stylish look.

Brighten Up the Room

Adding extra lighting certainly won't enlarge your bathroom, but it can definitely make it feel bigger. Recessed can lighting can be installed in your bathroom ceiling seamlessly. You can also add skylights, larger windows or solar tubes, all of which incorporate natural daylight. If none of these options make sense for your bathroom, simply switch out your over-the-sink mirror for a larger option - or add a small mirror somewhere else on the bathroom wall. This will help reflect the light while giving the illusion of a bigger space.

Rethink Your Sink

The size, shape and placement of your bathroom sink affects the entire feel of your bathroom. For example, a large pedestal sink can disrupt the foot traffic of a small bathroom, forcing you to move around it to reach the toilet or shower. A corner sink can solve this problem while offering unique storage space underneath. Another option is to install a long, rectangular sink with a slim cupboard beneath it. The sleek, unobtrusive lines will hug your bathroom wall and make the space feel more open.  

Forgo the Door

For extra-small bathrooms, shower curtains - or even glass shower doors - can make entering and exiting the shower a chore. If your bathroom is 7 feet wide or smaller, consider cutting out these elements altogether and opting for a glass panel instead. The panel can cover half of the shower stall, leaving room for you to enter and exit while still effectively blocking water from escaping.

Cue Cool Colors

While you may be tempted to jazz up a small bathroom with fun elements and patterns, simplest way to make a space feel more open is to incorporate the right colors. Cool tones and muted pastels - think shades of blues, greens and purples - bring an air of serenity to your bathroom. A classic white overall design with subtle pops of brighter color can also achieve this look. Besides your hand towels and accessories, the color of your floor also greatly affects your bathroom's vibe. Consider switching out your tile for ivory hues to give an airy feel to the room, regardless of its size.