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Four Electrical Hazards You Didn’t Know About



You know it's time to call an electrician when the power goes out - but some electrical problems are not so obvious. While a less dramatic problem may not seem like a big deal, ignoring it could wreak havoc on your electrical system. Here are a few situations when you should call the electrician that you may not have considered.

The lights dim and flicker when you use a machine.If turning on your air conditioner or dryer causes the lights to dim, it could be a sign there isn't enough electrical current. When that happens, your system can become overloaded, potentially leading to breaker problems and power outages.

Your outlets only accommodate two-prong plugs.This seems like a minor, if annoying, issue, but it could be symptomatic of a larger problem, like an ungrounded wiring system. Faulty wiring, especially in older homes, can lead to serious hazards like electrical fires.

You have too many items plugged into outlets.With power strips getting bigger every year, it's easy to start plugging in five or six electronics into one outlet source. However, this can cause an outlet to work past capacity, creating an unsafe overloading problem. An electrician can add more outlets to stop the overloading and accommodate all you electrical needs.

Your house is more than 25 years old.If your house hasn't been upgraded in more than a decade, you could be dealing with a host of issues, including electrical overloading and outdated hazardous aluminum wiring. It's a good idea to have an electrician inspect your house and see if the wiring is up to today's safety standards.

By fixing these problems, you can ensure the safety of your home. To set up an appointment with an electrician or for more information, call David Gray Electrical Services at (904) 605-8190 or visit