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Give Your Home a Modern Flair with Recessed Lighting



Chandeliers, lamps, pendants - when it comes to lighting your home, the choices can seem endless. But if you're thinking about or in the process of remodeling, there's a nontraditional type of home lighting that should be on your list: recessed lighting.

What is Recessed Lighting?

Often called cans, recessed lights are actually mounted into the ceilings or walls. The "can" goes inside the housing, with a trim outlining the light. They are a great way to light a room without obtrusive ceiling-mounted fixtures. Because they have little or no profile, they create a clean, streamlined look while providing effective ambient and accent illumination.

When Should I Use Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting can be used to highlight a room's best features, whether that means a painting, bookshelf or drapery panels. By using two or three angled lights, you can also emphasize three-dimensional home features, like a fireplace or sculptures.

In addition, recessed lights have a functional purpose. Install one over the place where you read or at the bottom of kitchen cabinets to illuminate your countertops. If you have recessed lighting throughout a room, you can increase its flexibility by separating the lights into different zones that can be adjusted and dimmed based on how you're using the room.

One of the lesser-known features of recessed lighting is that it can make an area look bigger. By positioning lights around a room, you can "push" out the walls and make the space feel larger. This is especially useful in bathrooms or rooms with low ceilings.

How Do I Install Recessed Lighting?

Since recessed lighting requires actually carving into housing, an electrician will need to do the job. Look for one who has expertise in installing recessed lighting. You'll want someone who knows what fixtures will work with the type of insulation in your home, as well as the correct number of and distance between lights.

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