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How does Landscape Lighting Increase Safety of the Home?



When it comes to home safety, you want only the best for your family and possessions. While fancy security systems and alarms will do the trick, there is a simpler way to keep your premises secure. Landscape lighting is an effective tool for deterring dangers that lurk in the night, whether they come in the form of robberies, falls, or the wellbeing of children and pets.

Landscape Lighting Can Deter Robbers

Burglars always look for easy-to-hit homes when planning a robbery. They often try to plan their attacks when no one is home, which is why 65 percent of robberies occur during the day. However, if they see that no lights are on in your home at night, they may make the assumption that you are not at home and decide to move in for the attack. Having a well-lit exterior can make even the most experienced burglar wary, as being highlighted in a spotlight greatly increases their chances of being caught.

It is important to light your home in the correct fashion, however. Just sticking a few flood lights around your yard can actually do more harm than good, as it gives intruders places to hide in the shadows. Instead, focus on illuminating the entirety of your property with a low intensity brightness. Using motion detecting lights can also alert you instantly if someone is walking around outside as well as scare them away.

Make Your Pathways and Walkways Easier to See at Night

The human eye is a miraculous tool; however, it is so not amazing at seeing at night. While our eyes can adjust to the darkness after a period of time, most people don't have the time to stand in the darkness for 20 minutes before going in their backyard. This is why landscape lighting is so crucial for homeowners with any sort of outdoor patio, pool, or pathway. Having an unlit backyard can lead to dangerous trips or falls.

When choosing lights for your pathways, always remember that low intensity is best. Having a light that is too bright can temporarily blind a person, nullifying the safety benefit you receive from this type of light. Properly installed lights along all walkways and stairs ensure guests don't hurt themselves on unfamiliar terrain.

Never Lose Sight of Your Children and Pets

On warm summer nights, your children might love playing outside. However, when it starts to get dark, you can lose sight of them. They might decide to wander off around the neighborhood or attempt some kind of dangerous feat. Either way, they are putting themselves at risk for injury or worse. Pets listen less than children. When you let your dog out to use the bathroom, they may hear a sound in the distance and sprint off into the darkness. Without a light, you might never find them again.

Having landscape lighting in your backyard allows you to acutely observe all child and canine behavior so that no one gets out of hand. Keep an eye on your kids to make sure they are behaving and quickly spot your dog before it runs away.

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