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How to Prep Your Plumbing for Hurricane Season


June 1 marked the first day of hurricane season - a time to not only stock up on supplies and create an evacuation plan, but also to prep your home from the inside out before a storm hits. Here are three easy ways to prep your plumbing this season from David Gray.

1. Clean out your drains

It is important to check the drains in and around your house periodically, especially at the beginning of hurricane season. Your drains - including gutters - should be free of debris and have a clear path for water to flow. Even minor blockages can lead to a burst pipe or flooding during a storm due to exaggerated water levels. If you notice anything worrisome, contact a professional to clear your drains and ensure steady pipe flow before a storm hits.

2. Check your plumbing

Once a year, you should thoroughly check through the plumbing in your home for leaks, loose screws and cracks. Keep an eye out for water stains on ceilings and floors because those are great indicators of leaky pipes. Be aware of anything that might be vulnerable in a storm and move any valuables away from water sources in the home. If any pipes or plumbing features look even remotely suspicious, don't risk it. Call your plumber to get it checked out.

3. Find your emergency shutoff valve

The emergency shutoff valve - also known as the main shutoff valve - controls water flow to your entire home. It is usually located on an exterior wall outside the home or within a utility area inside the home. If you are forced to evacuate due to a storm, you will need to quickly shut off your home's water supply. Make sure you know exactly where your shutoff valve is located and check the area around the valve periodically to make sure it is clear of shrubbery or debris.

Protect your plumbing the same way you would protect the rest of your home during a storm. Our trained staff is here to help you prepare for the hurricane season ahead. Call David Gray Plumbing at (904) 605-8190.