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Don't Make the Toilet the First Thing Seen in a Bathroom


Let's talk toilets. Everyone uses them, but this doesn't mean that we want a toilet to be the first thing that we see through the open door of a bathroom when visiting someone's house, after all. If you are moving into a new home or are living in a home that has a toilet featured in a prominent location that makes it easy to see through the door, chances are that you have grown displeased with how the situation looks and are searching for a more subtle approach.

People Often Leave Bathroom Doors Open

Family members don't always close the door to the bathroom when they're finished using it, especially when this room gets so much traffic in a crowded home. What's more, visitors to your home may not remember to close the bathroom door either, so you cannot count on the door remaining shut when this room is not in use.

Knowing that your guests will often see the toilet first through the open door of your bathroom can motivate you to remodel the environment so it is more pleasing to the eye.

Bathrooms are often small, with limited room to place all the necessities. The unfortunate positioning of the toilet may simply be the result of too many other priorities competing for the designer's attention. This is why figuring out where to place the toilet can wind up being a last-minute decision during remodeling work.

Think of a Focal Point

Capturing people's attention and guiding their gaze across a room the way you intend for them to see it is easier when you design and include focal points in your home. This applies to the bathroom as much as it does to the living room.

Your job is to think of a focal point in the bathroom without choosing the toilet by default.

You have a number of options.. For one, make sure that the toilet is not in the sight lines as seen from the hallway leading to the bathroom. You can install the toilet so it is situated between the sink and shower stall or bathtub, keeping casual observers from seeing the porcelain throne.

One great choice for a focal point is a bathtub. If you want more flexibility, a shower-bathtub combo is a compromise many homeowners prefer.

Another time-tested focal point to consider installing is a vanity. This combination of sink and storage space will give your bathroom more of a luxurious, spa-like feel. The extra space to store items such as towels and bath products helps you free the bathroom of clutter.