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Shocking Reasons to Upgrade Your Electrical Outlets


When it comes to home improvements, wall outlet upgrades are rarely top of mind. But even newer homes may have outdated outlets, especially with the rising demands of advanced technology. Ensure your family's safety and avoid any sparks by reading our expert electrical advice on when to replace your outlets.  

Potential Problems

Did you know the outlets in your home and the wires behind them begin to degrade after only five years? You can visually check for outlets that aren't grounded (looking for ones with two holes and not three). Ungrounded outlets rarely produce the electricity that today's devices require, causing them to work inconsistently and potentially create sparks. Older wires tucked behind the outlets make contact differently and can cause sparking and potential fires. You'll need an electrician to check these out.

Obvious Issues

While flickering lights may be suitable for Halloween, unintentional flickering lights are usually indicative of an outlet falling short of its electrical demand. Also, take note of sparking or hot outlets - these signs indicate a serious issue and fire risk. Other little-known but easily visible risk factors include cracked outlet covers. Beyond the fact that they are unsightly, cracks allow dust and debris to invade the delicate wiring behind your walls. If the crack or hole has been open for an extended period of time, it's best to get the wiring checked before replacing the cover.

Options for Upgrading

The most important switch involves making sure all of the outlets in your home are three-pronged (grounded). However, check the age of your electrical panel before replacing them. If it's also outdated, switching your outlets won't necessarily solve your issues. If you're unsure of the age of your home's electrical system, call a professional to survey the suspected components and make a recommendation on replacement.

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